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Here at The G.L.A.D Project, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in assisting rescues, shelters, and individuals with their animals. 

The GLAD Project formed from a dog named Gladiator. At one point in his life he was an adorable puppy that made many smile. When the cuteness wore off he was displaced and ignored and eventually given to the shelter. He was picked up by a local rescue to care and hopefully re-home him to a loving family. Gladiator was a large GSD compared to most in the rescue. His presence was known at the facility where he was housed. Dedicated volunteers walked, bathed, and fed him but ultimately after years of not being adopted his behavior got worse. They reached to a local dog trainer that took him in for board and train. Unfortunately he suffered such deep trauma that his chances for rehabilitation and adoption was not going to happen.  


What went wrong for this cute family puppy to be thrown to the shelter? Lack of training, education, funds? Gladiator could have been a life long family pet, or a service dog, or a dog that could have enjoyed life.

About Us: Who We Are
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